Cory D. Boatright, PhD

Wednesday, July 24, 2024

I just paid off a credit card I got since I partially financed my fiance’s pretty engagement ring.  Except for the first statement and the credit card itself, I have never received a statement from them.  Only because I started to worry did I switch to managing the card online, and luckily I did or I would’ve missed a payment.  Since the card’s paid off and I don’t like being jerked around like that, I called today to cancel the account.  Here’s what took place after I mentioned the lack of statements being a reason to close the account.

Credit Card Woman: “I see here that we’ve had mail returned that was sent to you, so maybe the address is wrong.”

Me: “Okay, well you got me the first statement and the credit card just fine, so I don’t see how the address was suddenly wrong.”

Woman: “Can you confirm the address with me?”

Me: “And besides, why didn’t you guys try to let me know when you started getting mail back instead of waiting for me to call?”

Woman: “We’ve tried several times to let you know.”

Me: “Nobody’s called me.”

Woman: “Oh no sir, you misunderstand; they wouldn’t have called, we’ve sent letters saying we need to update your address because there’s a problem.”