Cory D. Boatright, PhD

Wednesday, July 24, 2024

This hobby has really expanded to encompass all sorts of handicraft activities.  I have a woodworking shop with decent starter-equipment and have made a few medium-sized things like an entryway table.  When the time came for me to be an uncle, I made a changing table/dresser for my expected uncle.  The drawers have some flaws because I had to slightly modify the design and so the fronts of the drawers aren't wide enough to completely conceal the tracks.  They work, they're just ugly.  The changing table is also indestructible.  I heard it took 3 fit enlisted Army soldiers to get it up a flight of stairs, and they had a terrible time of it!

Other things along these lines:

  • Model rocket building
  • Aluminum forging: using a refit Webber grill
  • Candle making
  • Newtonian telescope mirror grinding
  • Bookbinding


Not bad for a first try


Changing table
After a nuclear holocaust, cockroaches can live in this.