Tuesday, October 23, 2018
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Family History

Coming soon.  The short version is that my paternal family has been in America since 1653.


Academic Family Tree

This is much more brief, though later I want to flesh out some of the side branches because there are some very interesting academic "cousins" out there.  It's an academic hobby that some have to see who they are "related" to based on the chain of doctoral advisors.  Here is what I have found for mine.  The site that generated the tree image used blue for a doctoral advisor based on a PhD program and the green line indicates a long apprenticeship that did not result in a formal degree.  What is interesting to note is that the PhD in the United States of America has not existed for a particularly long time.  In fact such a doctoral degree was introduced to this country around the time of Thomas Edison.  For that reason, one did not need to have a doctorate to teach at a university, which was the route taken by Arthur E. Kennelly and how he could become the dissertation advisor of Vannevar Bush, who was a science community superstar especially during WWII.