Cory D. Boatright, PhD

Wednesday, July 24, 2024

Early Years

At Hiram College I tutored and graded every CS class I ever took, and even one I didn't.  I also subbed in for one of the professors one day for the Intro to Computer Science class when I was a senior to do exam review when she was out, which was unprecedented.  I was a teaching assistant and/or co-instructor for the graphics classes at UPenn nearly every semester of my PhD work.  One semester, the students even put together a semi-surprise appreciation party for my hard work on a notoriously difficult course.  Again, unprecedented and to this day the invitation is displayed above my desk.

Grove City College

In 2013 I was hired by Grove City College as an Assistant Professor and have since taught many, MANY subjects in computer science.  I left GCC at the end of my contract in June 2018.  During my five years there, I taught Data Structures, Computer Organization and Architecture, Programming II, Object-oriented and Advanced Programming, Data Communications and Networking, Computer Security, Computer Graphics, Web Programming, and even a special topics course in Parallel and Concurrent Programming.